CBC is extraordinary.

It all started a few years ago with a bunch of hungry girls. Once a month we get together, cook, eat, and bond. The time I spend with these friends is so important to my life. I recently had my second little girl and although we have still been cooking I have not been blogging. It is important to share the time we Cookbook Club ladies spend together because you should share what is good. I hope that other people will make time and commit to a group like ours.
The last dinner we had at my house was using the Momofuko cookbook. My Step Mom Barb gave it to me for Christmas last year and I was reluctant to cook you of it without the support of my friends. I was lucky enough to eat at his restaurant for my birthday last year and had the pork buns and bo ssam both which were great and we recreated well. About every 6 months we try to invite the guys to CBC. They get a little jealous and have not been smart enough to start their own club so we take pity on them and cook up a great feast that we all enjoy. Since my Robby was leaving for Bangladesh for 9 weeks this May CBC became a farewell dinner. It was perfect. Great food, tons of dishes, drinks, and a night hanging out in the backyard that no one wanted to end. Thanks ladies for another fantastic evening.

The night started with Elizabeth’s Pork Buns. Looked time-consuming was they were totally worth it! Who would not like homemade buns.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Julie made the mussels, pan-roasted bouchot mussels with os, to be exact and there were lots of them. Beautiful.

Emily Powell, my sister in law was a participant this month. She made homemade ramen. The broth took her a whole day to make and don’t get me wrong it was good. But you better have some time on your hands and some people who will appreciate the effort.

This was my bo ssam. So good and easy everyone should make this for a crowd.

Joanne’s pan-roasted asparagus with poached egg and miso butter. This was my favorite.

Maybe Julie made these….or Joanne made the mussels…it was all good. These are roasted rice cakes. A new product to me that might not make it into my normal routine but were fun to try.

And last but not least cake. Alayne’s cake. She will have to explain…


I can’t wait till next month. Another CBC with the guys this time at Julie’s house where we get to cook and hang out in her wonderful kitchen. See you all then if not before.