So here was our June celebration! Renee is having a baby girl in September and we threw her a surprise baby shower for our June cookbook club! She was soooo very surprised, us CBC ladies are awesome at keeping secrets and leading her on with our other “plans.” Here was the beautiful tablescape. Joanne cut out some cute designs, Julie picked up a ton of flowers from the JFX farmer’s market, and Alayne brought these pink poofs that a friend Laurel used for her wedding!


Yup, isn’t this one of most beautiful table scapes you ever saw??? I think so. Joanne has an eye for design.


So first up was my shrimp salad croissant sandwiches. Abuelita did the mayo concoction and I just prepped the shrimp, toasted the rolls and stuffed them! I also thinly sliced cucumber and shoved some of those in there too.


Next was Julie’s salad. It was farro, tomatoes, feta cheese and ummm. Somebody help me out here! It was very healthy and tasty.


Next was Alayne’s appetizer. A grilled baguette toast, topped with a divine cream cheese orange spread and then with arugula, grilled onions and olives. This was so different and awesome.

Next was my fruit salad. Well mine and abuelitas, do you notice how much abuelita helps me?? Well I was living with her at the time of the shower so she helped me a TON. There was blueberries, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and melon. Perfect.


For our drinking pleasure, I made some punch= orange juice and ginger ale with pieces of watermelon and mint sprigs.


This was Joanne’s peach tart. She used a gingersnap crust, a light and effervescent pastry cream filling and then atop the fruit went candied ginger bits. I loved it.


Then she made a white chocolate mousse bomb! She first made a jelly roll cake and then thinly sliced it and lined those pieces inside her mold. Then in went the chocolate mousse and some sort of liquer. It was so beautiful and totally worth all the hard and meticulous work it took!


So that completes our food from the shower. I love how everything came together beautifully, and we didn’t even need a cookbook. 😀 The month of July Alayne did a southern cookbook, and although I did not attend (moving you see) I’m hoping someone will jump up and do a post!!