Thank you ladies for our new and improved blog site. I have been anticipating this site since the beginning of Cook Book Club over 2 years ago. Now we can all share our pictures and reviews of the books we cook from each month.

This month was at my house and we used two books both by Patrick O’Connell. We used Refined American Cuisine and The Inn at Little Washington Cookbook.I enjoyed all the food but was a little disappointed in the books themselves. we found at least two major errors in the books, I would not have expected this from a guy who is supposed to be very good at attention to detail.

I did not take many pictures of the food so hopefully everyone else can add those as well as the complete menu of what we cooked. What I would like to add is the new picture of us all. I am really luck to have suck great friends and to know such great cooks! I look forward to all the books and evening we will share.