So mind the formatting for this post… I have no idea how to use this considering I am so used to wordpress!!!

Here is Renee’s mayonnaise that she paired with the head on shrimp. She did a fantastic job at making this and it went soo well with the shrimpies.

Here is an upclose shot of the arrangement of freshly cooked shrimps and the mayo! This was the perfect pairing!

Here is my zucchini stuffed with mussels. The smell of the tarragon and white wine cooking with the mussels was heavenly. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this, except that the mussels still had beards… next time I will make sure to remove those! There is something about squishy food that I just can’t swallow these things!

Renee baked some breaded sardines. It was nice being able to bake whole fish like that! This was another thing I wasn’t too keen on eating… and watch out this might become a pattern in this post. If it annoys you just don’t read my writing!

Next was my fried cheese with bacon! Oh these were delectable little nuggets of delicious fat! I used gruyere cheese and wild boar bacon! Very nice ingredients to make a very nice and delicious flavor combination.

This was a salt cod and potato fried concoction! The fish flavor was pretty delicate and the whole fried nature of the dish was fantastic!

This next dish was the most crazy and interesting to make! So the recipe called for small sausages, but all I could find was vienna sausages… And then you were supposed to hole out the potato and stuff the sausage inside and then bake the whole thing, basting the potato-sausages with the oil on the bottom of the pan. Well we could not find a kitchen tool perfect enough for this task, so Finn got out his drill and we drilled a perfect hole in the potato!!!!! The removed pieces of potato, were so curly and cute so we fried them and they turned out to be a nice tasty treat. The actual dish was very good considering I used vienna sausages and drilled potatoes. 🙂 The basting of oil helped to give the whole dish really good flavor!

This is a shot of the salt encrusted lamb dish that Joanne made! Too bad the stove caused her beautiful dish from France to break… 😦

Here are some pieces of the succulent lamb. The salt really helped to keep the lamb moist and it was perfectly cooked!

Another crazy dish was chicken livers baked with an egg! I think this was Ned’s favorite. Laurita and I desperately tried to stomach it, but it just wasn’t happening…

This is our tasty dessert of the evening made graciously by Renee! A date mousse with some chocolate mint. Very nice texture and great flavor from a fruit I hardly eat!

And here are the cooking beauties! Though this month had only three of us, next month will have 7!!! yay for 7!!